ThSim - Temperature Simulator

ThSim is a simulation program for evaluating thermal conduction in solid material. This solid material can consist of multiple cubes of different material properties. A typical use is transient temperature rises in semiconductors, down to very short events where measurements are no longer possible. For temperature calculations the transient analysis of SPICE is used. The default GUI language is German. For english GUI remove or rename the "de" folder from installation folder.

The electrical equivalent circuit of one element is shown below.

The graphical output is shown either in line graphics, or using OpenGL 3d display.

System requirements:

Windows-Versions: 95/98/ME, NT (4.0/2000/XP), Vista, 7
Installed Version of SPICE (e.g. PSpice, WinSpice3, SPICE3f4, LT-SPICE)
Available Memory: uncritical



The link below loads an installer for Windows.

Download ThSim 2.16 (ca. 3MB)

For questions or recommendations please send eMail to

ThSim Modell
Equivalent electrical circuit

ThSim Output
Simulation result

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